Why is it called a great war of Indian history known as The Epic of Mahabharata?

ऐसा युद्ध जो न पहले कभी हुआथा न आगे कभी होगा

great war of Indian history

Is what Krishna told. Hence it’s called Mahabharata — Which dosen’t signify as only India, rather world. As that is the only Truth. Rest are Myth.

Because it was the only war which took place between siblings but contributing faculties where from all over the World. Huge no. of males died in the war except few Pandavas & others hence highest number of widows & orphans where left after the war.

Immediately after few years of the huge Mahabharata war the Great Dvapar Yug got over & Kalyug got started.

The story of Mahabharata is just awesome and so interesting that if one starts listening to it they won’t stop till the end.

Most important part of Mahabharata is “Bhagwad Gita” – without which Mahabharata would have been just be a story, which my Guruji G Narayana always mentions because that is fact.

The description of Mahabharata is so long that it would go on & on if one starts explaining or mentioning about it. So I have tried offering you a crisp knowledge about it.

Hope it helps. You may watch this short video below for more information.

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