What is the importance of leadership?

The question should be ‘What is the importance of Right Leadership”?

As Leaders are their in negetive roles also.

So mainly the importance of Leadership is Direction. If the leader is ethical & has integrity only then he can show the right direction to his people.

If there’s no Leadership, People will go hay wire due to lack of knowledge, skills, adaptability, clear communication & command. There won’t be any Vision or Mission. No one will have a proper mindset & guidance as to what needs to be done in professional as well as other areas of life.

Directionless actions never feeds any good result.

Hence some one has to be the driver to drive the team & whom people can follow in their darkness. The Leader is their halogen showing the path towards success & achivement.

Hope this short piece is helpful for you.

Best regards…

Rakhi Dutta

🙏 JSK 😊

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